Gizmodo: How the PDX Carpet Became a Hipster Icon March 8, 2015 10:09

Our lovely teal carpet has spread throughout the nation! We love reading articles that try to explain the PDX carpet phenomenon. Below is an excerpt from an article on Gizmodo written by Adam Clark Estes. You can read the full article here. 

"I've never been to Portland, but I've seen the airport's carpet a million times. If you asked me to draw a picture of the delightfully geometric 80s design, I could probably do it with my eyes closed. How, you wonder? Hipsters. That's how.

Hipsters just love that blue-green carpet at the Portland International Airport (PDX). The 25-year-old design has been spun off into so many clothing lines and social media accounts, you could call the PDX carpet a hipster icon. Not for long, though. Last month, airport officials began ripping up the 14 acres of stained, fraying fabric that cover the terminal floors and replacing it with a curvier new design. And the hipsters are pissed."